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How Jin Shin Do® Has Helped Me

by Kathy Bazana, Registered Jin Shin Do® Acupressurist, Ottawa, Ontario
(From the 2015 Acupressure News)


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Are you familiar with that old proverb? Well, it actually happened to me. I needed an “on the body” healing method and I noticed that acupressure was such. I was fascinated by the idea that gentle pressure on certain parts of the body could release the old and transform the person. But where could I find such a teacher and how would I know that he or she was the teacher for me?

Then, one evening at a Qigong class, the person standing next to me mentioned that she was a Jin Shin Do® acupressure practitioner and teacher. Later, I found out that Dorothy Kate MacDonald was the only Authorized Jin Shin Do® Teacher in Ottawa.

Thus began my study of this rich and detailed relaxation therapy, and thus started a beautiful friendship. I saw the deep value in this method, and I appreciated the diagrams and how well all the information was laid out. Still, I wrestled with learning it. I have a spatial issue – or, at least, I did then. I had difficulty with right and left, and up and down, and occasionally I simply got turned around. At first I tried to hide that I was mixing things up and had difficulty following things in order. I was scared to talk about my slight dyslexia. (I will use that word for lack of a better descriptive word.)

I continued to know the deep value of this work and that it was worth it to keep trying to learn. As I persisted, something quite beautiful happened. The Jin Shin Do® sessions helped me heal my spatial issues. Then, as I built my skill, so did my brain change. Not only did my brain change, but generally all of me. I no longer felt shame for the unusual way I saw the world. Instead, I felt appreciation that Jin Shin Do® could help me fill in what I was missing.

Jin Shin Do® also helped to be more present in my body. I often had been a little flighty. By that, I mean that I was not really aware of my body, and not deeply in my body. During Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® classes and private sessions, I learned to be aware of my body and how I felt, and I got to know myself in a grounded way.

I worked very hard to become very proficient in Jin Shin Do® and I am proud of this accomplishment. I know that I am strong in this skill because of my diligent work and the miracle that is our bodies. I found that when you touch certain places in a safe way, you open your soul to healing. I do not know why this happens. I am grateful for the amazing power of touch and how Jin Shin Do helps open each person to become one step closer to the best them they can be. I appreciate Dorothy for the extra time and care she took to help me become proficient, and Iona for creating this unique method to become more aware of the body through touch, and thereby effect changes the bodymind needs to evolve.

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