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Using Jin Shin Do® Acupressure in Emergencies

By Gene Hainstock, Registered Jin Shin Do® Acupressurist

I entered our local clinic to get my blood pressure checked. The nurse said. "Gene, I need an ambulance for a patient with chest pains." I said, "Call 1-800-461-9911." I am a paramedic, but I was not on call that day.

However, the patient was a friend, neighbor and client of mine, so I offered him acupressure while we waited for the ambulance. Immediately, I did the Heart emergency point (H 9) bilaterally.(This point is 1 mm. below the inner base of the little fingernail.)

As I held "B" on the breast bone, he asked what it was for. I said, "It will open up the chest to help you breathe easier." I held #30 (Lu 1, in the pectoral muscles) with #18 and the Lung Shu (B 13) in the upper back. Then I held "H" (Gv 14, between the 7th. cervical and 1st. thoracic vertebrae) and cupped #27 (P6), so that my thumb was on #26 (TW 5).

The nurse came back and rechecked the patient's vital signs. His pulse had been 170 (due to atrial fibrillation). On rechecking, the pulse had dropped dramatically. It registered at 90. The clinic nurse told me later that she was totally sold on acupressure, and that she welcomed me to assist her any time in the future, should the need arise. She said that she has total respect for what I am doing.

In my 12 years as a paramedic, I have used acupressure many times. For example, a hypothermic lady found that #42 (Lv 3) was very effective in warming her up. It has a slow gentle effect that is very important with hypothermia.

I have found the Basic JSD Neck/Shoulder Release (both #23s, 19s, 20s, 21s and 22s) to be very effective in calming patients. Also, just cupping the points below the anklebones - #12 (B 62) and #9 (K 6) - is very comforting in the emergency room as the staff does their work. These points are also very powerful in palliative care situations (with terminally ill patients). I have also found that -H- (Gv 14) and #27 (P 6, on the inner arm opposite to #26) are very effective in calming trauma patients.

I received my first acupressure session on June 16, 1993 from Kathy DeBucy (my mentor) and have never looked back. I became a registered JSD practitioner in July 1999. It never ceases to amaze me and my clients how powerful and magical JSD acupressure is. Thank you, Iona, for sharing this amazing gift with us all. You have my deepest respect.

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