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Why I Like Jin Shin Do®

by Cheri Haines, Authorized JSD Teacher, Madison, WI
(from the Jin Shin Do® Foundation 2003 Newsletter)


  1. It WORKS! It's safe and effective. It WORKS!

  2. It's easy on your body: the local-distal point combinations and the body focusing techniques assist the points in their release, making it easier on your hands. You can sit down while doing JSD and use your own body as leverage for holding the points, which is a more comfortable way to work.

  3. It's easy to learn: the JSD numbering system and color-coded chart make it simple to learn the points and use them in combination.

  4. It makes sense! Points and philosophy are taught together. For example, you learn the Strange Flow points when you learn about the Strange Flows, or Extraordinary Vessels. The 5 Element points are taught along with the 5 Element theory. Points and theory are added together and build on one another.

  5. It's profound. By basing JSD on the Extraordinary Vessels, it makes the work extraordinary.

  6. It ACTIVELY combines body/mind/emotions/spirit. JSD combines East and West, ancient and modern, by teaching body focusing techniques and the Emotional Kaleidoscope.1

  7. The Emotional Kaleidoscope clarifies our experiences and guides us toward emotional responses and attitudes that may contribute to energy changes in the body.

  8. The deep, still touch in JSD provides space and safety, relaxation and connection, and growth and awareness through our bodies.

  9. JSD addresses self-care and personal growth by including Qigong Exercises and Hara Meditation.

  10. It's Magic in your fingertips! Combining the magic of touch with letting the Great Ocean of Qi (energy) move through you, to another and back, is an honor for me. What more could you ask for?


1 The Joy of Feeling: Bodymind Acupressure, by Iona Marsaa Teeguarden, 1987, Japan Pub., pp. 56-57

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